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Vitalkaffee (vital coffee)

“For the production of the vital coffee, we use only the best and most expensive ingredients.
Therefore, the vital coffee is also certified with the organic certification mark “. These ingredients are
100% organic Arabica coffee from Central America and a unique blending of two organic medicinal mushrooms. Only regularly controlled products are used for our vital coffee. Each batch of the vital mushrooms will be continuously tested for 500 pesticides and heavy metals before adding them to the coffee. All fungal powder can be subjected to DNA identity test.

Mysterious Medicinal Mushrooms with amazing effect

“What makes this coffee now so special? We have now also added to the healthy but bitter Ganoderm lucidum (Reishi) mushroom an Agaricus (almond) mushroom. This takes the bitter taste and supports the overall well-being. “In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) has been used for several thousand years in high esteem because of its beneficial health effect on the body and is not for nothing that acted as “King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”. In China he is known as Ling Zhi (Mushroom of long life).

Traditional roast per order – bottling in Austria

This high-quality coffee blend is roasted in a organic coffee roasting in Upper Austria. From roasting to bottling everything is done carefully and manually here. The vital coffee (roast coffee, ground | mixture) is available in the new 250g ECO-flavor protection packaging made of Kraft paper with valve & zip closures (aluminum free – for environmental reasons!).